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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  July 19, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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3& two armed men... -3 stoppee by an unlikely crime fighttrr the ten pouud security system that scared this pair away. 3 --------- highs in -pthe mid-nineties today. & and it will get even hotttr -3 tomorrrw. juss how high we'll get.. and when we'll see & reeief... n my kywatth ffrecast..- ------------------------------------------ -33& -------- makiig 33 mayoral candidate's plan o & reduce crime by 20-percenn... 3 pse o do it. 3& happy marriagg. thee effect looks has oo a couple pan which spouse finds beauty -- more importann.. & 3 i'm jefff 3barnd.
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officer is in feddral custody tonightt.. aacuued of selllng &pstreets. keeih daniell.../ 3 feeeral coouthouse.../ downtown... wwere... thee - offiier.../ lso faces... gun hargess & 3 3 3 3 33 3 -3 3 3 3 3- 3&p police....
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33 are... looking or a puuman... who.. kklled pa man... n west baltimore.... - baltimore.... around... & a... 5-year-old mann.. was ffuud shot..on... north bennalou treet.../.áááheááá shock trauua..../ááhisáá -3 releeaed. 3 aateen.... s arrested.... n... the shooting of two securiiy & uards nnrrheast paatimore.../ áá16áá yeer-old... keymo -3 with....attempted... irst degree murdeer....//áátteeá 2--guardd.. were shot ... last wwek... / at... the oakkill townhouse pomplex.../ááppliceáá
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are sttil searching... ffr another suspect.... ááanyyneáá &pwwth infoomation.. shoulddccll police. p3 a candidate ii the he can cut crimm... by 20- peerent. karen &pparkk tells s theemethodss aren't traditionaa.. buutoois rolley belleves theyyll bee welllrooley says he wants to beetough on crime.....but hh also wants to bb smarr oo -3& crime...... 3 3hh wants to be oouh and peally aggressive on iooent keeping them in prison.... 3 pdtee rime bb increasinggthe p3& (11:54))his issnot aacriie to make it ifficulttfor you - of baatimore... -3 3 hh doesn't makee eeseeto fill our prison'sswith non violent pffenders who have dooe petty ccimes like possessinggsmall -3 amountt of marijuaaa. & p art of his plan karen pprkss. foxx55nees at 5- ptirty.
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hat brings s to our question of thh ddy. should baltimooe decriminalize arijuana? 3 go to ox-baltimore dot com -3 and ell us what ou think. you can also sound off through & facebook. send us weet.. attfoxbaltimore. and you an enter fox45a for es.. or might air tonighttoo thh news at ten. 3 aa.. cceating &pscandal... / -3&procks... ttee blttmore.. fire pepartmentt chieff.. james clacc.... suspendeddthe depprtment'ss emerrency edical servicee -3 trainingg../ ptate innestigationn../. & investigation.../.he ssys... &p more than ...two 3 access... to test materiaas.../ taking a certification exam... past month.../ monthh..//he investiggtion. 3 hhd taken the test already and the state examiier found one... they were suppooed to and letter ww got last week." & wwek."" clack ays... ll recruits.../ -3& pivooved..
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will be eetested. p governor marttn & o-malley dfendd is stance on & gay mariige. -3mmrriage.. the & bbltimore mayyr stephanne rawlinns--lake ttis affernnon. lastt eek.. hh & was at a govvrror's conference in utth.. hen he ttll fellow -3& arriaae in maryland. 3 it doesnnt meaa ttaa 3&paa tteyy ee it, bbt as a &pccvil sociityy we neee to protect rights equally. and realm.. billlto legalize sameesexx &pmarriage failed in he last - governoo o'malley says hee will push for the lawwneet sessioo..-& ponight?brandi proctor ha a look at ourrtraffic edge repoot. 3 p3 - 3&&panotherrday of
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3 hot and humid ttmperatures ... outdoors. & 3 for.. -3 firefighhers.. / their jobs... aae ht enougg.. / pábuuáá wearing all thht geaa... in 90-degree heat...// is... dangerous...// ááináá west baltimore ... / pthey tooo... watee brreks../ and used... -3 ice ppcks... o keep ooll../. ááthey'reáá &palss... hecking.. theer co- &pworkkes bllod pressuue.../ ááe-m--'sáá and it's no different in & temmeratures kkep rising... people aree oing outside o pool down! forrpeople -33 living innapartments with o aii conditiining... window fans jjst on't dooenough.
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3 in minnesooa... / 3 winters.../ & áágridlockkáá i--94 innminneapolis...// & whhll aa tracctr... wwoks to smoooh 3 cuttiigg thru.. the northbouudd aaes. as... ott.. as it was -3today... / we poulddconsidde this... cool by tomorrow..- pomorroww.hings acctally some storms passedd hroughh this afternoon. --33 chiif meteorollgist vytas reid ii in the kywatchh peetheercenter, ann vytas... &pthe temperature ii gooig right back upp 3 3 --adblib weather tz-- 3 -3 "i waasshooked, 3& becauuee ormallyyhe's just pealll laiddback. hh's just sitting back, takiig it asy. a ten pound pup ights back!
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how thhs littleepoooh cared 3 p exxing anddwalking will city. hw much you could have shell out if yoo''e caughtt 3 p//////////////// ///////////////////////////////
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&pit's bben one yyar sinne taxxonnbeverage ccntainers.but phhtttax ooe ear eerlierthan plannee. 3 pjhn rydell ....sayy..../ hat''... prooptingg john... 3 the mayor sspported that taxx.. to help... rrduce...last year''...budgee deficit. butt some citt council members... say they'd doo & away...with he tax...which economy.. 3 the actually & the wholessle levell wo ccnts...ppr of sodd...aad juice. some & etailers...say theyyvepassed thht cost...on to consumers. the owners of santoni's.... in highlandtown....say they have - notddne hat..they've... / absorbed...the ewtax...which &pthee sayy..has cuu...into pheir bottom linn. --3 3 (santoni) "a repeal would e apppopriatt rggt now and thht's what we wished whaa'ss pttat's not a oosiblity soo we're glad the bill was iitroduced." introduced.""mayorr ""eeause we're ffndiig grafitti
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phings that without ttat pevenue we woold not havv been able to afffrd.""--3 &city officials...saa the containnrtaxx..generated 448- year. if that illlis -3 approvee....he tax....ould be 3 oo 20-13. john ryyelll ox 45 33 p33 on capitollhill .... time s ticking... lawmakers have llss than tto weeks to come tt an -3&pagreement on the nationns debt ceiling. ceiliin.the house is pushing - forward on a plaa to cut an ammnnment to the - ponstitutton. democraas -&&p but presidenn obama & exxresssddopttmism this & afternoonn while ouse republicann want he balanced 3&pvote to increaae he ddbt - ccillngg - boehner sayss "cuttingg thee uture, rrquiring a balanced budget aaendment is & thattwe can do to address oor problees odaa.. todayy" 33 -3&p3 3 democrats ssy thh plan -3 pdesn't stand a ccance and
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wastes time a the ddadline o -3raiss he borrooing limmt gets cllser. 3 he mayybe small,but he has -3&the power to scare off anyone! 3 pnatssof doggbarkkng""- barking"the iny tyrant wwth tte loud bbrk .. chased away these two rmed men during an 3 california.the crooks werr &&pscared hem awayythe store at paco's feiity behaaiorr - 3&p another... air ttaffii controller.../ p is... in trouble. ptrouble..he... penver controller... is uuder 3 ffr being... drunk on the &pjob.../. áááheáá did... aaranddmmtest... &pon the workke,,,./ had... ablood- 3 cootrollle.../ & paay....he was given the p ááhe áá hosee rehab....// -3&p3you... may...
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á butáá & law-breaking!! -3 ááphilldelphiaáá... ...onntexting.../ --3 wwile walkiig....//ánextáá texting.... while walking.../ &pááyou'lláá be slappedd... with a citation.../ thht.... coll &pcost yoo... 120 dollarr..../ looking... to get youur bookworm ../ n... - athlltic scholarship.../ & sooeday.... / ááhereesáá a ssory... for you. some haary pooter lovvrs haveeturnedd hh ficttonal &pbroom flying gaae of quidditch, intt a sport even & heee's what the movie versioo looks likk with haary potterr and hii friends flying througg the ssies rying to throow here's the grrunded version at - whhee they havv a quiddiich nott lone....more han 200 paapuses naaionwiie ave & eamss ann therr's evee a world cup chhmpionship. 3 morgan leeis lewis 5432 ihope it will bbocme aanatioowide sorldwide, &&pspprt becaase its very fuu to 3
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to keep yyur feet moviig, make distanne. it is full cootactt -3and there have beenna umbbr of iijuries with tteeteem.... 3 ribs and sprained nkles. &pscholarssips will bbepart oo the game too... especially when ou ccnsider each reeulatton broom costs 0 -3 bucks. -3 3 33& the key to a happy marriage 3 paaking... the extra pouuds ... couud... putta dent... onnthe pealth.../ of a couplee happiness.. 33 3 p-adblib weather tz-- ,
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health cceck... ... newwflu vaccinn... gets the greee & light. the f-d-a....apprrved p...thissyear's flu shot ... // ááit'sáá the same... aa laat year's ...// --33 pecauue ....te sameeflu circulating....// áá55á -3 to...200%... of &ppear.../.áátheáá c--d--c... recommeeds... an annual flu shot.../ for everyone... over... sii montts old. p the... key to a hhppy... pmariage... / could.... pb yourrbodd mmss & innex...// . áádoctorsáá at te... &p...say.../ mennand women ...wereehappiir in & marriage.../ áifá... &pi... ttan the usbandd.../ ááitáá appears
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highee b-m-i.../ than & teirrwivess../ 3&pthose... who had the ssme.../ & r... lower bbm-i...//. for wives as well. -3 3 showerr brrught & psed to it. pt. we hhd a afttrnoon..../ &páábutáá.. / the pshowers ...didn't lasttveey - long.... / it cooled 33 utt.. ittstayed puggy...//. ááandáá he heat will return. trying tt kkep cool in the 3 3 33 &p3 3 & 3 -3 3 p yyu an be in --3 3 you can be inn
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3&p youucan beeinn ,
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3 chhrre f your own -3 personaliied forecast. i-rraaa is now availabbe t foxbaltimooe dot com. use the 3 comiig ssorrssdoon to your & ssrret. go to foxbaltimorr & 3 in thissheat.. we're all doing anyyhing weecan to cool downn downn it's... no dogs.. a vvewwr... -3 p sent s... thiss ideo of her dog .../ phe reezee..../ áásomeáá ppople... in ouu newsroom .../ -33 p thought the -33 vvdeoowws ccte.. / &p ááothersáá &pwere... about to hurl...// &&p áifáá -& we... posted the page.. / foxballimore. 3&pshhot it.. send it.. &&pvideos to foxbaltimore ot
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&pon. the seeeit shoot it, ssnn -&pcclllto "ppcs at foxbaltimore dot com." 3 &p33 &pdays... after their weekly trrp... to tte stoor...../ -3 a... southhcarolina 3 mysterious image.. on their p3 why their calliig thii a blessinn that ttee want tt -3 shhre wiih everyone. 3
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with the llokoottin t's final stages, layers coold repprt hhve toll theer players toodo pjst that...assfor thh ravens,, & plann are n place to open praining camp as early as next wwekk...wnnr ssevv biscioott in atlantaa when he and his cooleagges are eepecteddtt voteefor ann approve, a new pollective bargaiiinggaggeement... agreement... meanwwile, coach john hhrbaugg &pis still mmd at te beaass ver tte ravenn had aareeddto swwp their 2th overall selection & por the bears' 29th and a 4th
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3&pand the ravens missed their plot...they ween on o take cornerbackkjiimy smith with phe 27th.harbauug old a -chicaao radii statiin todayy ttat the beaas hesitated on 3&ptheir explanation hat it was &pa reeonnee the - bears would ay nly quote we''e moved on" 3 across town...the oriolls pcnninue theerrseeies with the -3 red sox toniggh...after aa5 hour mmaaahon ssndaa nighh, the reddsox didn't even arrive until 6 yysterday porningg..and thee promptll &pwent ut ann ung 15 runs on the birds...soomuch or being ttred.....3 phere's a chance we have seen -3 phe last of brian roberts this seeson...reccvvriig fromm concussion symptoms,,roberrs wwa ttday placed on the 60 ay - disableddliss, eening he'd bb &peligiile to return in mid pepptmber, which would nlyy leavv a couple f weekk left & in the season...he slid & peadfirst inno first basseon -&pmmy 16tthand hasn't ppayee -33&since...the o's made two other roottr mooes this pfternoon..pitchhe alfredo simmn hhs bben eenstated roo theerestricted liittafter and third baasman josh beel &ppas reeurned to noofolk.
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phhihlighhts...the veryylatess -& from the lockout front ann the rest oofthe night in ssorts & coming up at 10 nd 11 on -3 sports unoimited. & 33 --toss to vytas--vytas-- & 3 3 &p3 a south carollna 3 couppe saas theerr ecent trip
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sooetthng áddivnee 3- 3& his imaae... of wwhtt eopll think iss jesus... &p mysttrriuuss appeared on thier receipt...// &p ttree days after apurchhse.&ppurchase. it looks llke a face... ann hey eeieee -&&pthere's only one prson it could be.... jjsus chhist..... hhiself...the stainnlooks like -3 soot or maybe ink... but it i was leavvng the kitchen and i jjst loked on the floor, ann you justtsee tteereceiptt --3 wass it's like hh was lookiig &pat me. & 3 the couple ssas jesss &pappeering on their receipt is -a blessing theyywant to shaae & pith everyone! -3 3 3& phat's all or 3 fox455news at 5:33."kknngof 3 next..nd we'll be bacc tonighh & the llte edition aa 111.. - p1...we''llsee yyu laaer.


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